Bath Time Babys

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Splish splash Bath time fun, wiht Elyssa and Josh!


Her Maiden Voyage

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Futher Grinder

Future Grinder

There is a tradition in nautical world to refer to a boat as a she. However in this case the she is my nine month old daughter, went for her first sail on GraceC, my parents 30′ sailboat. She imediatly took to the winches and enjoyed her turn on the helm.

Steady as She Goes

Steady as She Goes

The wind was a perfect 11-15knots from the SW, with the sun coming out for a warm July afternoon on the water.

Sailing with Papa

Sailing with Papa

Elyssa also took her first airplane ride this weekend. Our family flew to Winnipeg, MB for our friend’s Chad and Lorien’s wedding. On take off she was in awe of the ground diapering out the window. She stared out the window for minutes.

First Flight

First Flight

Walking in the Meadow

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There is something romantic about wandering through a grassy meadow barefoot. Smelling the wild flowers and chasing butterfly s, and hearing the giggles of little girls.


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Elyssa Going for a Swing

The lazy days of summer are here time to kick back relax and enjoy the warm weather.

Why Living in a Highrise Sucks!

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W. Mosgrove Towers

Living in a high rise apartment building does have its perks, no snow to shovel, no grass to cut, nice view, amenities like squash courts and fitness room. But there are some draw backs to living the high life, here is my top five:

5. Paying rent

4. Forgetting something in the apartment and having to go up nine floors to get it

3. Waiting for elevators just to step out side your door

2. Spending a small fortune on Laundry

1. Being woken up at 4:30 in the morning by the fire alarm, spending quality time with the neighbors, to realize someones car was on fire and the smell of burnt rubber has now wafted into your apartment.

Chip off the Old Block

•March 12, 2008 • 4 Comments

Many people have commented how much I look like my father. He would be my twin if we were not separated in age by three decades. When my daughter was born four months ago, I was surprised by the number of people who said she looked like me. I hadn’t really thought much of it until I took a look at my own baby pictures, then it was clear, how much she really does look like me. I have posted my baby picture and Elyssa’s baby picture can you guess who is who?


Baby A

Baby Elyssa

Baby B

Check out the comments to see if you got it right.

Solar Power is the Cause of Global Warming

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Giant Sequoia.jpg

Environmental concern has now come into the main stream. And the biggest environmental issue is the concern over global warming and how it is caused by excess carbon dioxide emissions caused by human activity, or is it? This has been the debate among scientist over the last decade. Are we the cause of Global Warming or is it just a natural part of the earth’s cycle. Now the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has weighed in to the debate claiming that the worlds leading scientist unanimously agree that excess CO2 due to human activity is the cause of global warming. But do they really? A video produced by the BBC takes a look at the other side of this issue, that global warming is just a natural cycle and its causes are beyond our influence. According to the experts interviewed in the show one of the main causes of global warming and cooling is the amount of solar flare activity and the amount of cosmic rays winch control cloud cover. The video also warns that a new carbon economy would seriously harm the growth of the developing nations, and force billions of people to live in poverty. It is some definite food for thought, check out:

But lets look at the underlining issue here. Those that say we are the cause of global warming believe that evolutionary principles are at play and that we humans have demigod status and can control our surroundings and even manipulate the earth’s climate. They can not believe things which are bigger then ourselves like the sun can control climate, of even bigger a sovereign God can be in control of this world. God has given us dominion over this planet and it is our responsibility to be good stewards of it and to take care of those who are on it.